About Awac

The Alliance of Women Advocating for Change (AWAC) is an umbrella network for grassroot female sex worker led-organizations in Uganda. Established in 2015 by the champions of the female sex worker movement to give visibility; promote meaningful involvement and collective organizing of rural & peri-urban Female Sex Workers (FSWs), especially those operating in hard to reach areas such as slum areas, landing sites, transit routes and boarder areas to strengthen a unified, vibrant, national, and sustainable FSW led movement Uganda. AWAC was registered as a company limited by guarantee under Reg. No. 220998 in 2016. In 2018 AWAC upgraded and registered with the NGO Board under Reg. No. INDR140811523NB and was also granted her permit to operate countrywide as an NGO under File No. MIA/NB/2018/10/1523.

AWAC’s core Business

The core business of AWAC is to improve the sexual health rights and socio-economic well-being of vulnerable women especially female sex workers including those facing multiple forms of vulnerabilities such as those living with disabilities. Additionally, WAC targets children of female sex workers living in destitute conditions and adolescent young girls engaged in sex work. AWAC works to mobilize and multi -skill them through mentorship/couching, functional adult literacy, safe space dialogues to increase their self-esteem and improve health seeking behavior, raise financial literacy and improve livelihood and overall socio-economic well-being through a variety of income generating activities such as hair salons, retail shops, shoe making, catering, craft making, tailoring, theatre for development among o thers. AWAC also advocates for the protection of rights and equitable access to services for vulnerabl e women. AWAC works with various organizations which serve as referral points for services that it does not directly offer. These include health units, social welfare departments of government, law enforcement officers, non-governmental organizations and other donor funded projects.

AWAC’s Mission Statement

“To strengthen a unified, vibrant, national, and sustainable female sex workers (FSWs) movement to advocate for an enabling environment and access to comprehensive sexual health rights, social and economic services for rural & peri-urban based grassroots FSWs in Uganda.”

AWAC’s Vision Statement

“A supportive policy and social environment that enables rural & peri-urban based grassroots FSWs to live free from human rights abuse in order to live healthy and productive lives in Uganda.”

AWAC’s Core Values

Mutual Respect and Integrity, Empowerment and Meaningfully involvement, Transparency and Accountability, Innovation and Excellence and Evidence based programming and human right-based approach.